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I’ve been hearing a lot about Omegle in the recent past, and I decided to go on there and check the site out for myself. And while I was there, I thought, why not mess with people there? So, I put up a horse mask, and decided to horse around on Omegle and mess with some people there. It was quite a fun experience actually. After skipping a 100 penises, and a whole bunch of perverts, I was finally able to compile some footage of some epic reactions I got from Omegle. So, here it is, Funny Omegle Pranks, just for you! Let me know in the comments section if you’d like to watch more of such videos. Like, comment and share to see more! 🙂

Song name : RetroFuture Nasty
Artist’s name : Kevin Macleod
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Nucleya – Akkad Bakkad
Harlem Shake

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Awkwardness Unlimited – Candid camera pranks, social experiments and social awkwardness.

Taking awkwardness to the extreme, Awkwardness Unlimited pushes the boundaries and takes members of the public on an unexpected journey of flat outright awkwardness.

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