Blindfolded taste testers unknowingly have the test station removed! Watch their silly antics, in full view of the public! Ver. n nWhen these members of the public sit down in a shopping mall to taste test a new product, they are left looking like fools! More at: . n n | Subscribe! An orange juice blind taste test turns really funny when people are left alone in the mall, si. n nSee people got Prank – getting wet on bed in Mall. n nGag vs. gag pits kin vs kin. Watch mom vs. daughter challenge each other to a taste test. Tween has hilarious reaction to tasting coffee grounds. n nHere is what to do with those little security tags that items at the mall come with. n nin the mall, baby prank. funny. n nFilmed by: Tyler Ross, Krista Weseman, Kaitlin Marrin Edited by: Kaitlin Marrin. n nLol! Hope ya liked. Ft. My sister, Maya. n nThis is probably one of the funniest videos you will ever see ! n nhope you like this videosoon i will make more videk s byee! n nI created this video with the youtube Video Editor ( n nTime to nut up shut up. n nWhere I taste different Lollies or other things. n nSo this is a test for my new camcorder (in HD! :D) and well, what a way to test it! This is the 2013 version of the American CocaCola Truck on the Coke Zo. n nMy friend yells a random name in the midst of a Very Public Place. What kind of reaction will he get?? *Apologies to anyone unintentionally caught in the sho. n nCookie Monster completes a cookie taste test with his Sesame Street friend Ernie. Ernie is sneaky and feeds Cookie Monster some veggies! Cookie Monster is a true cookie scholoar and guesses. n nOn the night of July 27th, 2012, a huge prank was pulled in New York City and this is the video of what took place. Brett Cohen came up with a crazy idea to . n nA little social experiment, where I and a few of my friends went to the mall in weird outfits and got peoples reactions song by Nelly. n nIts a very funny video! n n | Subscribe: When is that ‘stache coming back into style? But I digress. The treats that are set out for . n n This clip indicate people make easy funny pranks with others. In this video crowd comes suddenly and create such a situation vi. n nFunny collection of public pranks. n n Unsuspecting store customers see everyone else freeze at the same time in this funny prank video. n n




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