Funny Scary PranksMy uncle set up a prank in the bathroom to scare me half to deathTweet this video:

Girl Dresses up like the girl from The Ring and stands in a hallways scaring guests. This video is hilarious, trust me

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High School Football Biggest Hits:
Ultimate Arian Foster Highlight Video: The ultimate prank is played by dad. Two girls get scared when there is a sudden outburst while driving in the car. You never know what to think when a driver is screaming and beeping the horn and slamming on the breaks. Baby sister climbs up the stairs. See how a bigger sister reacts to a baby falls down the stairs prank.

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This video is our longest family VLOG video in YouTube historyLittle boy
Happy boy
Chucky appears
Scary shit
Ghost appearances
Haunted house
Mean sister
Crazy kid

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My uncle set up a prank in the bathroom to scare me half to deathThis video was uploaded from an Android phone.Funny Scary PranksSUBSCRIBE enjoy
Christmas 2012 prank on my 3year old nephew who is scared of Chucky. This was the last gift that was given so it did not ruin his christmas. I always prank all my brothers and sister, now its time the little ones join in.
first prank with the chucky doll (not the last) soon more to come so SUBSCRIBE

I do not have ANY rights to the intro song, Song all rights go to: The Offspring- The Kids Arent Alright(TOY STORE PRANK) Never knew people were so damn scared of TOYS Watch how fast people RUN




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