We were inspired by some funny vines to do something similar but in our own funny way. See what happens when you drink puppy milk. Baby having fun with her b.

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We were inspired by some funny vines to do something similar but in our own funny way. See what happens when you drink puppy milk. Baby having fun with her b.

We were inspired by some funny vines to do something similar but in our own funny way See what happens when you drink puppy milk Baby having fun with her big.

Time for back to school registration and shopping for supplies and new clothes. Visiting the doctor for a physical and some updates and registering at the Mi.

We had a fun time doing the garlic powder challenge. See a little girls reaction to eating a tablespoon of spicy hot garlic powder. Kids having fun swimming .

Dad and his oldest daughter do a crazy prank on an 11 year old girl. Dad makes his zombie face with makeup and then he hides under the table and rigs it up s.

Kids have fun skating and playing games. Baby just loves to drive the barbie car with her sister. Dad pulls a surprise prank on his daughter by making her th.

11 year old girl sees the doctor due to being sick. Kids having fun as usual. Toddler hair styling time. Baby playing on the piano and chasing after the kids.

Girls have fun doing the mustard challenge. See how a girl reacts to eating mustard all by itself. Teen girl gets more ear piercings at the mall. Puppy sitti.

Girls do the ultimate smoothie challenge but fail during the attempt to consume all of this gross smoothie but dad seems to enjoy the horrible tasting smooth.

We have been at many beaches so far this summer and we are planning more fun beach visits. We went back to this very fun lake and now we are going to be head.

These girls just love the beach! They decided to take another trip to Myrtle Beach once again! Seems we just can’t get enough of the beach, sand and water. T.

One little girl gets a scare when she finds her hamster cage empty. See how this girl reacts to this funny hamster prank. More snow means more fun! We just w.

Biggest sister has her 15th birthday slumber party with lots of friends visiting. She is only a year away from her sweet 16 birthday! See how these kids like.

Girls pull the funniest prank on their dad by adding some powdered puppy formula to their dad’s fruit smoothie. See how their dad reacts to finding out he ha.

This is our midweek reality vlog mixed with our weekend reality vlog. Here are some fun videos of us blowing bubbles and going for a swim in the swimming poo.

Monster High doll collection is taking over the playroom. See how a toddler handles the situation. Baby loves the cute dog. Dad attempts a few surprise prank.

Baby food challenge done by an 11 year old girl. See how she reacts to consuming large amounts of baby rice cereal that tastes just like paste! Time for anot.

dat laugh doe, Really Green beans, piropos guilkilyu w ernesto santiago, scared, singing randomly vine.

This was another fun beach vacation for three girls and their dad. See what kind of beach we went to this time. When there is a storm there are alternatives .

Monday is our fun day! We did a fun challenge by eating a bunch of those sour ice breakers. See how a girl reacts to the sour taste of those sour candies. Ba.

11 year old girl attempts the peanut butter challenge. This time we use a special kind of African peanut butter made with no added sugar or salt. See how thi.

Girls decided to have some fun and run up to random people in the store and give them hugs. A visit to the pet store resulted in taking home a sugar glider. .

Girls having fun taking a vacation at the beach their dad. Last week it was Virginia Beach and now it is Myrtle Beach! See them catching some waves and divin.




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