A prank we played on Alyssa while she was opening the gifts on Christmas morning! Enjoy! 🙂

She begged to open a present a week early, so finally we gave in and let her have it.

Shirley and I gave the boys the option of getting individual gifts or getting one big family gift: a flat-screen television. Neil and Jonas chose the televis.

more pranks : A prank they played on Alyssa while she was opening the gifts .

Kids having lots of fun opening gifts on Christmas Day. We get up early in the morning to celebrate Christmas and open presents. See the emotional surprises .

Jimmy Kimmel asks parents to give their kids prank gifts for Christmas. CNN’s Anderson Cooper reports.

Wrapped my daughters iPod Shuffle in about 14 layers of wrapping paper, and inside of an iPhone 4 box. She’s been asking for a cell phone for years, so I tho.

YouTube Challenge – I Gave My Kids a Terrible Present? Dad pranks his daughters after watching the video YouTube Challenge – I Gave My Kids a Terrible Prese.

I fooled Jesse once again during the holidays! A few days after we exchanged our Christmas gifts, I received a couple more gifts in the mail that I told him .

I spent Christmas eve with my mom. This is my family’s tradition on my mom’s side. I gave my brother a joke present like on Jimmy Kimmel. I know, I’m a terri.

This is a fun prank to play on someone who shakes their presents. It is a box that plays prerecorded sounds when it is shaken. Instructable: .

Jimmy Kimmel Live – YouTube Challenge – I Gave My Kids a Terrible Present Jimmy Kimmel Live’s YouTube channel features clips and recaps of every episode from.

This is our midweek reality vlog mixed with our weekend reality vlog. Here are some fun videos of us blowing bubbles and going for a swim in the swimming poo.

The Meanest Christmas Prank Ever!!! Jason getting pranked by his younger brother Michael on Christmas fake xbox 360 joke prank prankvsprank Prank Pranked Pun.

Christmas morning, I tricked Jesse into thinking the Christmas tree was quickly smoking up. I hid a smoke bomb under the tree behind all the presents, while .

When this boy came downstairs on Christmas morning, he couldn’t understand why he had received all his presents after the previous night’s antics during Chri.

This week’s Assignment America is to send in videos of your Christmas morning! Go to to upload your clip! Watch all-new episodes of AFV.

This is my family on Christmas morning, the blond in the hat is my Uncle Mark, he light’s up our lives I just know you will get a kick out of him we sure do..

My little sister bought this very annoying squeaky toy pig for the dog and my dad and I decided to have a little fun with my little sister that was hung over.

My mom decided to get my younger brother an xbox 360 for Christmas.he decided to peek the night before so my mom decided to teach him a lesson…this its.

This video is of our son opening his Santa gifts on Christmas Day. I bought our son (age 7 at the time) some silly string. He had never played with it before.

This kid is not happy to be woken up at 5 in the morning to open gifts and read his card.

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sister got a bike for christmas and spazes out.




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