CO arrested over mishandling of inmate
Ocala, Florida — Charles Craig Broaderick, 41, is charged
with battery, he is accused of slamming the head of DUI suspect James
Duckworth, 33, into a concrete wall while he (Duckworth) was handcuffed.
Broaderick said he did it because Duckworth spit at officers. However, after
carefully reviewing the video, it appears Duckworth had fuzz/hair or something
in his mouth he was trying to clear and did not actually spit at officers.

The incident happened in October and on November 25, 2013
the State Attorney’s office announced they were pressing charges. Broaderick
turned himself into the jail on Tuesday, he was booked into the jail at 4:30
p.m. and released approximately 12 minutes later on a $2,000 bond.

According to reports, the State Attorney’s Office met with
Sheriff Chris Blairs senior staff in regards to the incident. Reports indicate
that as soon as Blair was briefed the next day, he (Blair) took immediate

Blair said, “Employees of the Marion County Sheriff’s Office
are expected, and required, to maintain the highest level of integrity and
accountability in our dealings with the public, including inmates incarcerated
in the Marion County Jail.” Adding, “the sheriff’s office takes any allegations
of misconduct, whether in the jail or otherwise, extremely serious and MCSO
will not condone any inappropriate or criminal conduct. When and where such
allegations of misconduct arise, I (Sheriff Blair) will act promptly to
determine the merit of the allegations and levy appropriate discipline while
also respecting the individual’s right to due process through the criminal

Broaderick was placed on unpaid suspension following his
arrest pending the conclusion of the criminal proceedings related to his

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