Car Prank Tony and Sean harness their inner Banksy. If Banksy painted dicks on cars. Subscribe to Ma.

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In this funny prank, Matt gets Andrew back for all of his air horn BS. Matt hooks up a remote controlled car horn, and pranks Andrew 3 times by scaring him w.

Gold Digger Prank Exposed! So do guys with fancy cars really have it easy with women? We decided to test it out after seeing these so called pranks and so.

Watch what happens when Greg talks to strangers through the voice of a fancy talking car alarm. Positively Pranked is a new prank series produced by Medioc.

How to steal a car.. or not. Subscribe to never miss out on new videos! If you read this comment below saying – THE HATERZ A.

Shirts Available Now – So I went out to film how to pick up girls.but Roman,Dennis and I decided to do a little twist..the video .

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Learn magic tricks at I had this idea way back in February. Thanks to some friends, I was finally was able to make it happen. Cha.

World Best Prank – Car GPS Prank Technology never ceases to amaze. and insult.

In this funny prank, Matt gets the crap scared out of him. Check out our channel for more funny pranks.

Jeana puts a smoke bomb under Jesse’s car making him believe that his car was smoking. Follow us on Twitter: .

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In this funny prank, Matt switches out Drew’s spare tire when he is at work. Matt spices up the tire with some paint then follows.

So we were going to make a full video on this but we got in trouble after the second person we pranked. We wanted to see how people would react if the driver.

We went out with a 2013 Red Ferrari Italia 458 to go on a social experiment and see if it can pick up ladies no matter how you look and this is how it went.:.

Subscribe for New Episodes of Awkward every Wednesday! Greg Benson needs a good carwash. And an even better defense attorney. See episode two here: .

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AIr Horning Prank!!!!! Going to aim to post a video ever 3 days for the next 2 weeks so stay tuned & please hit LIKE & SHARE with your friends!! Thanks for w.

Girls washing cars in bikinis is always fun. Unless those girls are purposefully being morons.

Our prankster cop decides to pull a joke on these drivers. With a pair of fake hands on the car’s hood, our cop runs away and leaves these motorists wonderin.

I had a remote control car horn put into Reina’s car so I could have control of her car horn outside of the car! Mailing Address: AngryLove77 P.O. Box 18949 .

This prank creates back pressure on the engine which makes it lose power temporarily. Then an explosion gives the illusion of even worse problems. NOTE: Do n.

Cool, high-rolling rich guy douchebag offers people money to watch his fancy car, which disappears as soon as they look away. It probably has something to do.

Jesse’s car has been in the shop for a long time waiting to get new rims. When his car was ready to be picked up, I woke up early and went to the shop by mys. Fail,
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