This is a gross and funny fake poop filled dirty diaper prank. This prank was played on Brittany by her 10 year old sister and her dad. See some incredible r.

Girl soaked by fake baby pee and freaks out! Chasing girl around with a stinky dirty diaper and dad scares daughter with his big scary spider epic prank and .

Baby stroller falls down the stairs and inside the stroller appears to be a 2 year old baby sister who was taking a nap. Luckily there was not a real baby in.

I thought it would be funny to put fake poop along with some toilet paper covered in chocolate on the toilet seat. I even put some chocolate on the inside of.

This is a reality video where a few girls are victims of some pranks. See what their father does to scare them so much that the neighbors were wondering what.

Just a fun little hidden camera prank on my dad. My dad thinks I cracked the iMac computer screen while throwing the mouse around in the studio. My sister wa.

Here is a very funny prank a daughter played on her father. Teen girl and her 10 year old sister conspired to do this prank and the other pranks in this vide.

Girls make few funny prank calls and dad pranks his daughter at the mall. Dad takes the ultimate hot habanero pepper challenge. Does dad survive the ultimate.

Chocolate covered banana, kids think it’s real poop, dad accuses 6 yr old of pooping on floor, dad tastes poop, grosses daughter out.

Just a fun little hidden camera prank on my daughter played on me. Thought my daughter cracked my treasure iMac computer screen while throwing the mouse arou.

This is a compilation of three pranks reality video where two girls prank their dad then he gets even two times. An unexpected surprise in the clubhouse, the.

Prankster gets hit in throat? Dad hits the floor! I was going to get my baby girl a bottle of milk but I ended up getting a much bigger surprise than I would.

This is a compilation of some pranks we have done int he past. We had a busy week so we did not have time to add a new video so thought we would put together.

its sö funny.

just for laugh gags fake poop prank or also called pooper scooper it’s realy funny subcribe for more also check out top 10

How to make fake poop.

ON TODAYS LAB: EPIC POOP PRANKS VOL #1 (2013) WELCOME EVERYONE TO THE EPIC POOP PRANKS VOL 1. i use all the fake poop I reviewed all week in this video. plea.

LOLOLOL its so funny when your dad walks up and smells a fake turd right in front of a camera!!!

Girl plans a very sneaky prank on her dad. She plans to get revenge on him after he has done numerous pranks on her and her sister. See her dad’s reaction to.

Girls play a scary prank on their dad and make him believe that someone broke into the house and robbed the big screen TV. These two girls are very sneaky an.

Dad plays a prank on his son w/ a diaper.

This is a reality video where a few girls play a disgusting prank on their dad with the help of one of their friends. See what their father does when he goes.

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Girls get scared and scream in fear when one dad gets revenge on his daughter’s friends. See their reactions to the surprise when he enters the room wearing .

I Put Wet Reese’s Cereal In A Diaper So It Looks Like Baby Poop Threw It On My Brother And He Actually Eats It But What He Didnt Know Was That It Was Actuall.




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