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PrankvsPrank, also known as PVP, is a YouTube channel created by Jesse Wellens and his girlfriend Jeana. In 2007, the two began to play pranks on each other, and post videos of them on websites, eventually forming a channel on YouTube. The channel has about 564,967,000 video views, and 4,139,000 subscribers as of November 28, 2013. Wellens filmed Jeana attempting the cinnamon challenge and posted a video on the Internet, starting the serial pranking of each other, and posting the videos online. The videos show how they prepare themselves to prank each other and record their reaction.

On April 1, 2013, USA Today rated PrankvsPrank YouTube’s best pranksters.

Jeana and Wellens also have a vlogging youtube channel called BFvsGF.

On BFvsGF, they post daily videos about their lives. It was there that they introduced the character ChipChocolate with the video “Fruit Assassin”.

In 2012, Wellens and Jeana appeared as Spartan king Leonidas I and Queen Gorgo in the web series Epic Rap Battles of History, in season two, episode 2 “Master Chief vs. Leonidas”.

On September 25, 2013, Wellens (as “ChipChocolate”) released a rap song on iTunes called “Cookie Dance”. Produced by Les Professionnels, the song made #68 on the UK Singles Chart.

There really is no better embodiment of dysfunctional bliss than the couple that is Prank vs. Prank. Jesse Wellens and his longtime girlfriend Gina are in an all out war of escalating proportions that has had them back and forth assaulting each other with everything from a fake pregnancy scare, duct taping to the bed, shaving cream ambushes, and even a paintball gun attack in the shower.
They describe their show as The Jersey Shore meets Jackass, which seems quite fitting for this New Jersey-based couple. Though I might throw in my favorite part of MAD magazine—Spy vs. Spy—to characterize the artful narrative that’s taking place here. What began as some idle time-passing fun with a video camera getting his girlfriend to attempt some less than flattering challenges, ended up spreading wide amongst the male-heavy audience.
Since make the shift over to YouTube in November 2009, the couple has broken through the 500,000 subscriber mark and netted over 81 million total views. Jesse and Jeana sat down with us for our Tubefilter Interviews series with top video creators. Check out the interview below, though we are still wondering, as their fans are, just when—or maybe if—these two will end up tying the knot. (It’s their number one most asked question in their comments.)
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