I called up a TIm Hortons as my middle-eastern character Abdo saying that my coffee was too hot and severely burned me. The lady on the phone was so fun to t.

I called a guy as Buk Lau who has a HUGE Ham radio antenna coming out of the middle of his house and said that it was causing interference with my Asian sate.

I called a guy on craigslist as Tyrone who was looking to trade his copy of Assassins Creed 4 for Grand Theft Auto V or Call of Duty: Ghosts. You won’t belie.

my friend and his mom and I decided to pull a prank on my boyfriend. We went to Timmies and asked the servers to give us a cup of hot water and label it as .

APPLE STORE Prank call.

Tottenham Hotspur manager Tim Sherwood says his side didn’t show enough initiative in its disappointing 1-1 draw with West Bromwich Albion on Boxing Day. Spu.

Nothing brings Canadians together like a Good Ol’ Hockey Game.

Me and my bro prank call wall mart which results in the funniest prank we’ve ever heard.


Fuck Tim Hortons they gave me a muffin instead of a jelly donut again! radiotv.

This lady put up an ad on craigslist (in the UK) looking for a sugar daddy, basically an arrangement where she I give her money in exchange for certain favor.

Luther Luffeigh joins BigBoyTV with his hilarious phone taps pranks, animated for the first time ever by Ownage Pranks. Episode 1: Luther kindly gifts an uns.

My personal feelings about McDonald’s Coffee vs Tim Horton’s Coffee.

Prank call to Tim Horton’s. Sub for more funny vids!

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Join the Stud Army ▻ I prank call a local librarian and only talk to her in a whisper. After a while, she gets beyond angry! Want more f.

(c)1996 WGNT — Local TV LLC Shorter version of first UPN-era WGNT ID (the U, P and N formation is sped up) There’s one more version which does away with tha.

Brand: Tim Hortons Agency: JWT (Canada) Creative Director: Brent Choi, Paul Wales Copywriter / Art Director: Andy Brokenshire, Jed.

Apply to Fullscreen! Note: This video includes a sponsored message for Fullscreen. 1.Disco’.

Made this prank video in honor if a friend of mine who passed away four years ago. I knew he would like it if I made a video like this, so I give him the pro.

Gay Hotline Prank Compilation #2 – Ownage Pranks.

Here are a few more Facebook reference check calls. If you’d like to listen to the full show that these prank calls are from, go here: .

Hilarious! TV show gets non-stop prank calls! Re-uploaded for Reddit. I do not own this video.

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