This is a compilation of some pranks we have done int he past. We had a busy week so we did not have time to add a new video so thought we would put together.

You know those prank videos on MTV? These two girls sure know how to scare their father real well with unexpected surprises. Their dad has been officially pu.

YouTube challenge – Hey Jimmy Kimmel, I Silverstoned my kid too! I saw that funny video I silverstoned my kid from Jimmy Kimmel and thought is was time t.

We were inspired by some funny vines to do something similar but in our own funny way. See what happens when you drink puppy milk. Baby having fun with her b.

This is a compilation of three pranks reality video where two girls prank their dad then he gets even two times. An unexpected surprise in the clubhouse, the.

Girls just having fun around the house after their dad starts feeling better after having the flu. Dad once again does a surprise prank on his daughter by ju.

We have been at many beaches so far this summer and we are planning more fun beach visits. We went back to this very fun lake and now we are going to be head.

Kids have lots of fun this summer. Girls play a couple of crazy pranks on their dad with a help of some friends. Baby sister just turned two years old so we .

Dad surprises his daughter by suddenly jumping out of the closet after she had done a makeover in her room. Baby has fun swimming with her dad and playing wi.

Kids love playing pranks on each other and of course dad like to get even and pull pranks back on his kids. See some of the recent funny pranks for 2013. Bab.

These girls are always playing pranks on their dad and each other. Their dad is always returning the favor and playing pranks on them as well. See some new p.

Dad and his oldest daughter do a crazy prank on an 11 year old girl. Dad makes his zombie face with makeup and then he hides under the table and rigs it up s.

Girls at it again playing pranks on their dad and of course dad gets revenge and play pranks right back on them. See our compilation of recent pranks includi.

This is an action packed video filled with many funny pranks that were pulled in one day by two girls, their father and some friends. Jump out of box surpris.

Girls love to pull pranks on their dad every chance they can get. This time dad gets a fake poop prank pulled on him by his 11 year old daughter. See how he .

Dad pranks his daughter two times. One prank involves a blender filled with water and the other involves the home security system. See how a little girl reac.

Dad surprises his daughters with a few good pranks but these pranks teach a life lesson. Playground epic wing fail. See dad get knocked down by his daughter .

Here are some pranks that my daughters did on me so I also returned teh favor and pulled some pranks on them as well. See my reactions and my daughter’s reac.

You know those prank videos on MTV? These two girls sure know how to scare their father real well with unexpected surprises. This is a reality prank video wh.

Kids decide to prank their dad real good by switching out the canned chicken with canned dog food. See how their dad reacts after he takes a few bites and th.

Two girls scare their father with a riding mower surprise prank but it ended up being a costly prank exceeding in over 1000 dollars in damages. See what thes.

Kids just have fun at the big water park that has slides, tunnels, lazy rivers, mazes and swimming pools. There is so much to do there that you can spend a w.

You know those prank videos on MTV? These two girls sure know how to prank their father real good. Their dad has been punked and he never saw this one coming.

Here is a funny prank that girls play on their dad. Their dad was surprised to find salt and cinnamon in his milk. See how he reacts to being a victim of thi.




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