Me and Ava decide to prank Kaitlyn when she gets back from camp!

This is a great prank on how to prank.

this is me scaring my sister to her death.

A middle school boy demonstrates simple and harmless pranks on his sister. A Georgia Student Media Festival project.

Max and Clarissa’s how to video becomes a prank war, with some pranks grosser than others.

Here’s a video on how to play a really cool clever prank on your sister. Follow the instructions and make sure you have all the tools you need.

She still hates me to this day..Whenever she is mad at me and wants to chase me I just run for a roll of electrical tape. LMAO.

simple salt in water prank.

Here are 10 pranks to pull on your sister.

Pranks On Sister – Stick your sister’s hand on to the door handle.

I glue my sister to a chair.

This is an easy way to prank your sister. There will be more pranks in the future so if you like this prank please give it a like and if you want to see more.

i was sick when i was uploading this thats why i had a crooky voise lol.

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This prank is not fake for all those mentally distorted people out there it is here for to enjoy.

Watch funny.

Me annoying the heck out of my sister.. almost got in trouble.

Well u can do it on any one really.

Shout out to username @savethedolphins123 for this idea! I always wake my sister up to get ready for school, but today I decided to have some fun before I wo.

via YouTube Capture.

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Sleeping prank, Funny prank The funniest prank you will ever see to my brother when he is assleep. He was sleeping when i woke him up saying that there was a.




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